Welcome to The Foundation…

Foundation Pineapple exists to promote and create. A constantly growing and improving coalition creating content in every different way imaginable. Through social media, conventions and events we strive to bring together communities and create a safe place for fandoms to flourish. Check out our different projects featured on our site and follow us on social media to stay up to date on new appearances and projects!

The Adventures of Lord Drakkon

One of our current projects is an appreciation of the evil Lord Drakkon from BOOM Studios Power Rangers comics. Travels can be found on the Instagram whenever a picture is worth taking. Especially Exciting when we go to conventions or other events!

Foundation Pineapple is absolutely about that life. We have been hosting panels for a few years from coast-to-coast. We have your standard informational type panels about Kamen Rider and other Tokusatsu series as well as many others. A fan favorite is our "A Word From Our Japanese Sponsors" panel showing off weird and fun commercials from Japan!


Convention season is the best part of the year. Check out our upcoming planned conventions and schedules!

Zero Updates, the official Foundation Pineapple Fortnite bot, is a one stop account for all news and updates in Fortnite. Through this you can receive updates that the Epic dev team posts.

One of our favorite parts of Tokusatsu is the "roleplay" toys. These are toys that look and sound just like the devices in the show. On our YouTube channel you can find an archive of videos showing off and explaining many, many of these toys.


We are always striving for better and better quality. As our resources grow the TTA (Tokusatsu Toy Archive) will evolve and many videos will be replaced with higher quality ones. Always keep an eye out!

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